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SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD is not a registered investment consultant or a broker reseller. Understand and acknowledge that there’s a very high risk in the trading of stocks and currencies, and you assume all the responsibility in case of reduction or total loss. The past results published on the website are not and can’t be an indication for future returns that can be realized by yourself.

SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD doesn’t take any liability for your trading and investment results.
The indicators, strategies, Expert Advisors, headings, articles, webinars, chats and every other SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD feature (in a bunch: the ‘information’) are given just for informative and educational purposes and should not be taken as investment advice.

The experts, the employees, the collaborators and affiliate partnerships of SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD may have open position in the described stocks and currencies. You should not rely on just the information, instead you should use the information just as a starting point to make more independent research to allow yourself to create your own opinion on the investments.

The accurate statements in this website or any other communication are deployed starting from the indicated date and may be subjected to edit without any previous notice. By using the information on SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD you assume the total responsibility of any related positive or negative result you get, not limited to only: financial earnings and losses, emotional ones and other kinds of sorrows, time, etc.

SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD doesn’t guarantee the accuracy, the completeness and the promptness and doesn’t support in any way the opinions expresses in the information, doesn’t give investment-related consulting and doesn’t promote the purchase or sell of any stock or investment by the user or any other individual.

The information is not intended to be treated as fiscal, legal or investment consulting, that you should get from your professional consultant before making any investment of the type described in the information. The information does not account as a reminder coming from the informants, from SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD or from others for the buying or selling of stocks.


The service is offered “as is”, with no explicit or implicit warranties, including any warranty on the information, data, services, VPS, uninterrupted access or products provided through or in connection with the service.

In particular, SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD declines every warranty, including, for example:

(i) any warranty related to availability, accuracy, usage or content of the information, products or services, and

(ii) any warranty of title, of non-violation, of marketability or suitability for a particular purpose. These liability declines apply to every damage or injury caused by any fail to execute, error, omission, interruption, deleting, defects, delay in the operation or transmission, computer virus, communication fail, steal or destruction or unauthorized access, alteration or usage of registrazione, if for breach of contract, wrong, negligence or in any other cause of action.

SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD and his every employee, agent, successor, designed, affiliate or service provider are not responsible for you or other third party for any direct, indirect, incidental special damage or damages coming from the usage of the service of the unavailability to guarantee access or use the service or for every violation of any warranty.

As long as some countries don’t allow the exclusion or limitation of responsibility for consequential or incidental damages, the limitation described before is not applicable to you. In this situation, the responsibility of SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD, of his employees, agents, heirs, affiliates and the respective responsibility of the content or service provider is limited to the highest grade allowed by the law.

By accepting the electronic delivery of the subscription packages marked SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD, that will be allocated directly in VPS provided from SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD, you accept to respect the policy described in this document. All the initial declarations of purchase and renewal of the subscriptions for the transaction with credit card will be indicated as MAS ASSETMA (Short) MAS ASSETMANAGEMENT (Long).

By using the EA (acronym for Expert Advisor) of SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD in every version, your MT4 trading platform (as stated in the “Terms and Condition of purchase and usage”) is allocated in one of the VPS provided by SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD that, with his supervision and direct control in remote connection, will be given the EA and Software contained in the specific of purchase of products. This will imply that you, as a subscribed client, accept that the usage of the service is totally at your own risk, and in every moment you could unchallengeable detach the platform and remove every EA and Software connected simply changing the password or with a transcript note written to support@sapcomany.co.uk

Proceeding with the registration, the company SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD, owner of the expert advisors in the product catalog, is authorized to automatically send the auto-configuration settings for live trading to the customer.
The SAP + EA system in all its versions in the shop page of the website, is based on Expert Advisor self-configuration that follows precise programming directions, converting them into data flow and allowing live trading, that is the instant software update at the exact moment when the indication is given.

SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD is the owner and authorized user of every brand, registered brand and/or service brand found on the SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD website and is the owner of the author’s rights or licensee of the content and/or the information on the website, if not states anyway else. SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD doesn’t issues any license or any other content, functionality or material you can access by logging in in the website.

Downloading or saving any content or print screening (except if otherwise stated in these Terms and Condition) is not permitted for any purpose.

Anyway, printing a copy of the information or documents found on this website just for personal use is allowed. If you use this website in any other way, except when otherwise stated, you could violate the copyright and other laws as well as the state laws applicable and you could be subject to responsibilities for the unauthorized use.

We don’t allow any user any license on any other authorization of our brands, registered brands, service brands, any other material subject to copyright or any other intellectual property, just by including them in this website.


You can cancel the initial transaction, with no penalties or duties, in 3 days from the order date. Once you cancel the initial purchase, any other payment made by you as part of the initial contract or the selling and any item traded by you will be returned in 14 working days from the receiving by the seller of your cancellation notice and of any security interest derived by the selling will be canceled.

To cancel this transaction, send your cancellation request via email to SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD :  support@sapcompany.co.uk

We will not tolerate frauds with credit card and any other fraud, with no exception, will be persecuted by penal procedures in your local jurisdiction to the maximum extension of the law.

Moreover, we will persecute a legal civil action in your local jurisdiction by requiring any loss related to the fraud, including business, legal expenses, research costs, inactivity time of the personal and the loss of profits.

We use advanced risk models to individuate signals of fraudulent transaction in our Services. The fraudulent transaction are immediately cancelled after they have been found.

Moreover, we actively use external resources and cross-industry sources – like worldwide fraud blacklists – to deny the access to fraudulent users.

The clients should always be aware that any initial statements of purchasing, renting and renewal of the subscriptions offered by SAP + COMPANY LIMITED holding di MAS Management LTD will be showed on the credit card statement as MAS ASSETMA (Short) MAS ASSETMANAGEMENT (Long).

When we notice questionable activities related to the purchase of a made subscription, we will mark the order with a “client revision state” and we execute the procedures of fraud detection on the purchase to reduce our risk exposition; during this period, we could even contact you directly as precaution.

If we decide that a purchase is at high risk or does not follow our conformity and risk criteria, the purchase will be immediately cancelled, and the funds will be immediately returned on the credit card with which the purchase has been initially issued.

Moreover, in these cases, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, of closing immediately any relation with your person.

Moreover, we will try to recover the controversial expenses related to the additional costs with a third-party collection agency and your position will be noticed to every credit office as a fraudulent account.

In the case that the charge of a purchase is made or threatened, we reserve the right to notice the accident, to the inclusion in the abusive database by our decision and to our discretion.

The information reported will include name, e-mail address, date of the purchase, amount of the purchase, IP address, complete address and phone number.

There will NOT be REFUNDS for the renewal of the subscription, that have not been cancelled before the renewal date.

REFUNDS for the purchases asked after 3 DAYS from the date of the order will NOT be issued.


The trading in the currency and CFD market comes with a high level of risk that could not be suitable to every investor. The usage of financial leverage creates more risks and exposition to losses, with the acceptance of the terms you assume every liability consequent to the usage of the system.

Before deciding to trade in the currency and CFD market, it’s necessary to carefully consider one’s own investing goals and evaluate one’s own level of experience and risk attitude.

There’s the possibility to partially or totally lose your starting investment; do not invest money you can’t afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated to the trading of currencies and CFD, and if you have questions, ask an independent financial or fiscal consultant for his opinion.


Anyone who accesses the information published on this website must consider that the analysis and the operational suggestions are not in the nature of advice and that the resulting decisions are taken independently and at their own risk.

The reports and analyzes drawn up are intended as an information tool and do not support operations and do not constitute a solicitation to public savings. Past performance can not be a guarantee for future ones.

The writer declines all responsibility for any inaccuracies in the data reported and anyone who invests their savings based on the information provided at his own risk.

It is possible that the person who writes is directly interested as a private investor in the performance of the valued values, securities is the subject of every financial product that is discussed.

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