SAP + Company Limited, is a Holding present since 2006 and incorporated in 2018 in the SIC Companies House classifications 64209 NCA holding companies in London (UK).

We are a real and registered company, and thanks to the wide range of products created for every need and availability together with the best partnerships on the global market we offer leading products of the highest quality and performance.

SAP + Company Limited, is one of the few independent research and development companies established in 2006 by scholars, engineers and programmers from various universities and other institutions.
The company’s object is the research, analysis and development of the best automatic trading technologies, with particular attention to the aspects of economic, financial and risk impact assessment.

To date, thanks to the monitoring and punctual reporting of each of its instruments on the market, we manage through the analysis of interventions on a European, international scale to create ad-hoc systems that can be used on any available portfolio.

SAP + Company Limited is internationally known as an independent source that annually prepares a study on support interventions for its customers in 23 countries, a multilingual support applied to each individual request.

This activity has led over time to the construction of a development aimed at respecting every single need.

SAP+ Company Limited 
Dept 1329 196 High Road, Wood Green,
London, England, N22 8HH


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